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How long am I out for?


As an athlete if you are injured time is of the essence. We work directly with your Athletic Trainer so that care is coordinated and understood at all levels. Our goal is to return you to play as quickly and as safely as possible.

As an athlete you are expected to work hard on and off the field. We will be giving you home exercises to do that are specific to your injury and will allow the most effective healing possible.

At Back in Action we are equipped with the latest in laser technology to speed the healing time and reduce inflammation. Our 25W Class IV Cold Laser from Liteforce is the best on the market. It uses a specific wavelength of light to stimulate our cells to release ATP, an important energy molecule needed for healing and recovery. This complex and important process is called photobiomodulation and is used in top level athletes of the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, FIFA, Olympic and NCAA teams.


"Absolutely life changing! After suffering for 9 months I found Back in Action, after the first treatment I was already feeling relief from the sciatic nerve pain, 3rd visit and I’m walking like my old self again!  Thank you! "

Michelle Franchino

Google Review

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