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How to increase my performance?


  • You are not injured but you can tell you just don’t feel your best.

  • You are running slower

  • You feel heavy or tight

  • Reaction time is slow

Whatever the reason you want to Move Better to Perform Better. Our performance evaluations are designed for just that. We will put you through a series of 3-dimensional movement patterns to see any limitations or compensations. We can use our Optojump technology to look at gait or jump pattern asymmetries or loss of power or reaction times. 

We will balance your body according to your sport specific demands and improve overall flexibility and range of motion. Our hands-on approach is different than other programs that just make you do the work. We believe that in most instances the correct exercises are given but at the wrong time. At Back in Action we make sure your body supply can meet the demands. If you are too tight to move a specific direction, then your body might not be able to perform the exercise properly. Let us get you moving your best so that you can perform yours. Move Better to Perform Better is our motto.


"Improved flexibility for better performance"

Daphne Adams

Nazareth High School

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