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Our Athlete population ranges from youth to professional. We have seen athletes of all sport and level for injury care, performance care or injury prevention. What sets us apart from other doctors and therapists is our evaluation methods and accuracy in diagnosis. We use the latest technology and research-based evidence with over 20 years clinical experience to determine the root cause of your injury or performance level. 

  • If you have back pain, we may find that the reason is your hip is too tight and you can’t decelerate your own power properly.

  • If you have knee pain, we might find that your ankle is locked, and your toe flexor muscle is in spasm and you are losing an important spring mechanism thus putting more pressure on your knee. Or if your ball in socket hip joint is too tight it will limit your agility when you run and put too much stress and strain on the knee.

  • If you have elbow pain it might be from an overused and tightened triceps or bicep muscle causing restricted movement at the elbow.

We are experts in understanding functional sport specific movement patterns and investigating the cause behind your complaint.

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