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is an ATHLETE!


Some athletes play a sport and are part of a team or compete individually in an event. Some athletes enjoy hiking, kayaking, a stroll in the park or a ride on the trail with friends and family. No matter who you are if you’d like to Move Better to Perform Better or Move Better to Feel Better we want you to let us help you! Be a part of the Back in Action team and know the difference in performance healthcare.

Our New Location

52 Highland Ave. Bethlehem PA 18017

Who We Are __

We are Lehigh Valley's best Doctors of Chiropractic, Specialists in Rehabilitation, Functional Movement, Athletic Training and Soft Tissue Release. Our approach to care is finding the cause of your injury and helping you to prevent it from happening again. Many times, the cause of an injury is somewhere else in your body away from where the pain is. We have the most advanced technology available to reduce pain and improve healing and we have advanced knowledge with over 20 years’ experience to get to the source quickly and you Back in Action sooner!

True fact: currently providing service to pitchers in Minor and Major League Baseball.

Baseball Pitcher
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What We Do __

We provide fast, safe, proven methods to improve function, pain and performance.

In order to find the quickest solution to your problem we will perform a thorough examination and history of movement patterns and pain patterns. Understanding the requirements your body must perform every day at your job and/or sport is the key to finding where along the chain of events your body had a breakdown. We will listen to your complaints and concerns. We will treat all areas of the body contributing to your pain. We utilize a variety of techniques to improve your mobility which are mostly soft tissue. We will provide you with a home exercise routine to improve your healing time and return to normal activities. 

Common Conditions __

We treat a variety of conditions and our approach to each of them may be different than traditional medical approach. Click on the area to learn more about how we approach common conditions.

Why Choose Us __

At Back in Action we expect our patients to participate in their care, adhere to our advice and perform home care as instructed. We work together with you to create the most successful environment of healing.


“Without Dr. Donna and Back in Action I don’t know if I’d be playing baseball anymore. Their understanding of pitching mechanics and how to improve my flexibility has really turned my career around.”

Kellan Tulio

Emmaus High School Baseball

Latest News __


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